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Face au Monde (Facing The World) is a French surgical humanitarian association dedicated to helping children afflicted with severe facial deformities, certified of public interest.

Our vocation is to enable children from the poorest countries, who cannot be treated at home – for financial reasons or because the facilities are lacking – to come to France and to undergo the surgery that their disfigurements make necessary.

In practice, the main medical problems that the association FAM is in a position to deal with are:

  • Serious facial malformations
  • Tumors of the head (hemangiomas, neurofibromatosis and sarcoma)
  • Injuries caused by trauma to the face and head (caused by street accidents, burns and bullets)

The Association’s volunteer doctors select those cases that clearly cannot be treated by a medical team sent to the child’s country because the sophisticated surgical equipment and infrastructure are unavailable and cannot be transported there.

How it all works

First, FAM receives a request to operate on a child from a developing country.
Requests come from a variety of sources. Sometimes, during a humanitarian mission overseas, a doctor has already been in contact with potential patients or their families. As the Armand-Trousseau and Necker children’s hospitals are world famous for their expertise in this highly specialized field, many requests arrive there direct.

Once the operation has been thoroughly planned, the child’s travel to France must be organized. The children stay in France for an average of 1 month. During their convalescence, they stay with host families. The hospital provides interpreters and logistical support. The total cost per operation averages €15.000.

No one involved in caring for the child receives any remuneration from the Association. In addition, Face to the World belongs to a network of humanitarian organizations to which those patients who do not need to come to France for surgery can turn.

Who are we?

FAM was born of the commitment of a number of plastic and maxillofacial surgeons who, working in the team at the Trousseau Hospital and Necker Hospital in Paris, France, are regularly confronted with the cases of children from abroad who cannot be treated at the hospital. These children are from some of the world’s poorest countries and have no health insurance.


  • President: Dr. Gérald Franchi, Founding President, Reconstructive, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Member of the French Society of Reconstructive, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, Consultant to the Hospitals of Paris
  • Treasurer: Mr Philippe Rincazaux, Lawyer associate at Orrick, Rambaut & Martel firm
  • General Secretary: Dr. Patrick-Antoine Diner, Founding Member, Reconstructive, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeon, Member of the French Society of Reconstructive, Plastic and Cosmetic Surgeons, hospital surgeon, Member of the National Academy of Surgery.
  • General Manager: Nathalie M Franchi, script writer, director, Harvard Law Graduate
  • Administrative secretary: Carole Simon

Additional members of the Board of Directors

  • Dr. Catherine Tomat, Founding Member, Specialist in Stomatology, medical practitioner at the Hospitals of Paris.
  • Professor Arnaud Picard, Chirurgie Maxillofaciale, Hospitals Armand-Trousseau & Necker

Honorary Members

  • Madame le Professeur Marie-Paule Vazquez, Saint-Antoine Hospital Research and Training Unit, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery and Pediatric Plastic Surgery, Armand-Trousseau Children’s Hospital & Necker Children’s Hospital, Paris.
  • Doctor Darina Krastinova, Chief of the Cranio-Orbito-Palpebral Reconstructive Surgery Unit, Hôpital Foch.
  • Professor Daniel Marchac, Professor, former President of the French Society of Plastic Surgery, former President of the European Association of Plastic Surgeons – passed away in 2012.
  • Bertrand & Nathalie Jallerat, managers of the Grand Monarque Hotel in Chartres, Paris

Sponsorship Committee of FAM

  • Philippe Douste-Blazy, United Nations Secretary-General as Special Adviser on Innovative Financing for Development, chairman of the Executive Board of United, former Ministry of Health and former Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Nelson Montfort, sports journalist and star presenter on television
  • Françoise Laborde, journalist, member of the French Television Council (CSA)
  • Anne Charrier, actress
  • Baptiste Giabiconi, top model and pop star
  • Dominique Cantien, television producer at France Television

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